Choosing Color Contacts for Dark Skin

Getting a new wardrobe or a new hairstyle can give you a great makeover. But there is one more thing that you can do to seriously update your style, without spending a whole lot. Changing your eye color can give you a renewed image that cheap jerseys matches your personality. Confused? Some of you may be wondering how can a person change his natural eye color. The answer is simple, with the magic of colored contacts. It isn’t a new concept for us as many celebrities wear them all the time. People with light colored skin have no problem choosing from a wide range of colored contacts. The issue arises for those who are tanned or have dark skin. There aren’t many choices left; plus, if you pick the wrong color for your skin tone, you can seriously make a fashion faux pas. So, if you don’t want to make that mistake, then go through the article where we have provided detailed information on which color contacts will look best on dark skin.

You need a prescription for colored contact lens, even if you only want to purchase non corrective colored lenses. But before you make an appointment with your optometrist, you need to have complete information about colored lenses. And since this article is dedicated to people with dark complexion, the suggestions will be limited when it comes to finding colored contacts for dark skin. Now, if you think about colored contacts, there isn’t just one color out there. Ranging from subtle to striking looks, there are different types of contacts available today.

Enhancement Tint: Lenses designed to improve and not dramatically alter the original hue of the eyes. It makes the natural eye color deeper, more intense; ideal for people with lighter hues.

Handling Tint: These lenses do not enhance or add color to your eyes while you wear them. The only reason it has a slight tint so that it is visible for proper care and insertion.

These disposable contact lenses are capable of altering your original eye color by giving your eyes a unique look. But the thing is that not all black people have the same skin complexion, which makes this slightly complicated. Colored contacts for black people can be a tricky thing as some colors, especially (intensified) enhanced, cosmetic colored lenses doesn’t make a huge difference to the natural hue of your eyes. Which is why, the choice should not be hasty. The table mentioned below has information about colored contacts for dark skin and original eye color. According to your eye color, you can find which type of look you want.

Brands like ACUVUE 2 COLOURS Enhancers, FreshLook Dimensions, ACUVUE 2 COLOURS Opaques, FreshLook ColorBlends, and FreshLook Radiance are few of the best brands that provide colored contacts for dark skin. If you’re basing your choices depending on some pictures of celebrities you saw in the magazines, or on these brands’ websites, then keep in mind that when you wear these colored contact lenses, the outcome (look) is quite different. For ACUVUE 2 COLOURS Enhancers and FreshLook Dimensions and Radiance, the results are often different from what they show on their models.

Since you can’t purchase colored contacts without prescription, when you visit your optometrist, ask for his/her advice on which colored contacts for dark skin will be best for you. After getting your color lens prescription, you can easily place your order online or directly at the departmental stores or specific brand outlets.

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